The little girl’s wish

Laila looked out of her tent’s window sadly, tears falling down her cheeks, her heart broken. A war was going on in her homeland – Syria – which made everyone in the area flee to save their lives. They went to the camps made at the borders. Many made it to safety, but many others... Continue Reading →

The greedy boy

“Mommy, I want the car and I want it NOW!” Yusuf demanded, stomping his feet. He was in a toy shop with his mother, who was buying a gift for his cousin, but Yusuf didn’t like that. He always wanted something for himself. Whenever they went to the supermarket, he would yell and shout for... Continue Reading →

The solution to pollution

All the ocean animals sat on the ocean floor, watching yet another bottle drop through the water’s surface. Several of the fish coughed, as the bottle’s germs spread around. All the ocean animals, like the fish, sharks, octopus, jellyfish, and others, came down to the ocean floor every night to rest after their tiring day,... Continue Reading →

A beautiful heart

A little, dainty butterfly by the name “Flora” was sitting by herself on a flower, looking very upset. A group of butterflies came by, pointing at her and laughing. A few moments later, a new butterfly came in sight. She flew around the little Flora and sat down beside her. Flora looked up with interest.... Continue Reading →

Chocolates – only for me

Today in Ali’s house everyone is so happy. He has just finished reading the Quran for the first time! All his family is so proud of him because he worked really hard to achieve this. To celebrate, his uncle bought him a big box of chocolates. Ali is overjoyed because he loves chocolates! He is... Continue Reading →

A win-win situation

January the 1st was always an important day. For most of the world, it was the New Year’s celebration that warranted such significance. However, for the students of a particular sixth-grade class, the day marked something else – doomsday. In other words, the result day. Umar Khan, like his classmates, was anxious when he set out... Continue Reading →

Wisdom or Knowledge?

Hussain looked out of the small window of the hut and, at seeing the sand dunes on one side and the small, quiet road leading to the city on the other, he sighed with thankfulness to Allah for everything he had, though he was lonely at times. Hussain was an eleven-year-old boy who lived with... Continue Reading →

The old Queen and the new Queen

A story that teaches us about working together and being united. It was a strange sight in the beehive today. The new Queen bee was being crowned. The old Queen bee had flown away. We all know that two Queen Bees can never live together in the same beehive. The bees were very happy that there... Continue Reading →

The Grateful man

Once upon a time in the beautiful sky, there were two fluffy clouds that were heavy and wanted to shed the water in them. So of course, as you know, they had to rain. “Where do you think would be a nice place to rain, Fluff? I think that we should water here, look how... Continue Reading →

The brave girls

Once upon a time near a beautiful lake in a small house, there lived two little girls happily with their parents. One day, when Maryam and Fatima’s mother was sick, their father had to take her to the doctor. She told Maryam, who was bigger, to take care of Fatima and give her milk when... Continue Reading →

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