A beautiful heart

A little, dainty butterfly by the name “Flora” was sitting by herself on a flower, looking very upset. A group of butterflies came by, pointing at her and laughing.

A few moments later, a new butterfly came in sight. She flew around the little Flora and sat down beside her. Flora looked up with interest. “Who are you?” she asked. The new butterfly replied, “I am Serena and I am visiting Flutter land because I heard it is really beautiful. May I ask why do you look so upset? Is everything alright?”


Flora shook her head gloomily. “No. See, I have burnt my wing. All my friends are laughing at me because my left wing is no longer beautiful. And beauty is all that matters, you know!” She showed the new butterfly her burnt wing. Serena looked surprised. “But how did you burn it?” Flora sighed. “There was a fire in a neighbor’s house. I tried to save her family. They are okay, Alhamdulillah, but my wing was burnt and isn’t beautiful anymore.” A lone tear ran down her face.fun-butterfly

Serena looked thoughtful. “I see. You were really brave. But who told you that beauty is all that matters?” Flora shrugged. “Everyone says so.” Serena smiled and changed the subject, “Well, let’s just talk for some time, before I go back.”

So the two butterflies chatted for a while and shared some jokes, which made them laugh until they cried. They had many things in common and enjoyed their time together very much.

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

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