Chocolates – only for me

Today in Ali’s house everyone is so happy. He has just finished reading the Quran for the first time! All his family is so proud of him because he worked really hard to achieve this.

l.dv m To celebrate, his uncle bought him a big box of chocolates. Ali is overjoyed because he loves chocolates! He is just about to gobble them up when his sister Ayesha enters the room. “Wow, Ali, these chocolates look amazing! May I try one?”

“WAAAH! WAAAH!” Ali’s and Ayesha’s younger brother Asad also wants Ali’s chocolates. “No, these are MINE! You can’t have them.”

chocolate-clip-art-13652codeJust then, Mother comes up. “Yes, Ali, give Ayesha and Asad some chocolates too. It’s good to share.” Ali sighs, puts one chocolate into each of their hands, half-heartedly, and goes to his room. He thinks and thinks and then decides that he just can’t let his ‘greedy’ siblings have all the chocolates. He hides them in his cupboard where no one will find them. Very sneaky!
However, over the next few days, Ali himself forgets about the chocolates. After three days he suddenly remembers and rushes to his cabinet. To his horror, he sees thousands of ants, crawling about, eating the yummy chocolates together.
Ali is so horrified that he drops the box from his hands. Mother, hearing the sound, rushes in and sees the ants. When a crying Ali tells her everything, she nods. “Yes, Ali, you shouldn’t have hidden those chocolates from your siblings.cookie-ants

See, you did not want to share but now you can’t have them yourself.” Ali says “You are right, Mama. Look, even the ants are sharing. They are eating together.”

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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