The brave girls

Once upon a time near a beautiful lake in a small house, there lived two little girls happily with their parents.

One day, when Maryam and Fatima’s mother was sick, their father had to take her to the doctor. She told Maryam, who was bigger, to take care of Fatima and give her milk when she wanted some.sister

After she left, the two girls started to play when suddenly, without any warning, the electricity went out, and the lights switched off!=

Now, since Fatima was small, she got scared and started to cry while Maryam, who, although was bigger, felt a teensy bit afraid, too, because no one was at home except them.darkroom But then she remembered what her mom had told her about ALLAH always being with her and helping her, and she suddenly felt confident that everything would be alright. But Fatima kept on crying. What was Maryam to do? Then she realized moonlight coming from the gap of the window.

She told the crying toddler:“Fatima, do you want to listen to a story?”

Fatima immediately stopped crying and said eagerly: “Yes yes, Maryam. Please tell me a story.” So Maryam went beside the window where they could see all the lights lighting up the city; the moon shining brightly and began telling the tale of a brave little girl firefliesinthedarkwho wasn’t afraid of the dark and brought a firefly in her house to give her some light.

When Fatima asked her what a firefly was, she said: “A firefly is a tiny insect which gives out light at night. It is quite beautiful to watch.”

Suddenly, Fatima cried out: Look Maryam!!! I just saw a movement with light at the back of it. It must be a firefly! It’s even coming towards our window. Oh isn’t it pretty!” Maryam smiled and was about to reply when she remembered that she had to give Fatima some milk. But how was she to give her cold milk? It could not be heated because of the electricity. Maryam thought hard.candles

Then an idea struck her. “Of course!” she said. “I can heat the milk by putting it near the lantern!” She quickly dashed to the kitchen; carefully put the bottle a little far from the glass f. Her idea worked! Of course, it wasn’t hot but it was acceptable. After giving Fatima her milk bottle, she began to sing softly to her. All too soon, their parents arrived.

“Maryam! Fatima! Are you alright? I was worried about you girls when I knew the lights went out. Were you scared?” asked their mother in concern. Maryam smiled at her. “Of course we weren’t scared! ALLAH is always with us, remember! I told Fatima a story and…” Maryam told her about their time in the house.

Her mother listened, astonished. “Well, Maryam, I am very proud of you and Fatima! I thought you would be scared but you are very brave young ladies! I will buy you each a little gift.”

firefly and friendsAnd, their mother stuck to her word and bought Maryam a book about fireflies with illustrations, something the girl had always wanted. And as for Fatima, well, her mother bought her a stuffed toy in the shape of a firefly. The two girls happily thanked their mother.

So the two girls learned that it is always good to be brave and confident and that everything will be alright because ALLAH is always there for you.

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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