Vegetables Again!

Ali was feeling very hungry on the way back from school. He was thinking about eating two chapatis instead of one, today. Food was the only thing on his mind till he reached home. After changing and refreshing himself he went straight to the dining table. “Oh no! We have vegetables for lunch again?” “It’s... Continue Reading →

The Vain Lioness

Long ago, in a faraway jungle, there lived a beautiful lioness that only cared about fashion. She was forever going to parties and putting make-up on. Her husband, the king lion, was the one who hunted for food while the lioness stayed at home. Months passed by, and with time, the lioness completely forgot how to... Continue Reading →

True Happiness

It was another one of those boring holidays. Omer got done with his school work and couldn’t think of anything else to do. Everyone was busy in their own work. Out of desperation, he went to his father who was reading the newspaper. Omer: Hey Dad! What’re you doing? Dad:  I’m reading the newspaper, son.... Continue Reading →

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