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The literature published on this website is original and directly submitted by the authors. We ensure that famous narrations and historical stories taken from other sources are either in the public domain, have a creative commons license, or have been specifically licensed for Nujoom al-Asar to use on its website.

For illustration, we either prefer creating our own images or using those available for free use on the web. To keep the reading space immaculate, the source of the web images are listed here instead of the post pages.

If you believe that your copyrighted work is being infringed by virtue of appearing on the Nujoom al-Asar website, then please notify us at

Image Credits

Who made it?

A Special Princess

Someone is watching.

Squabble, Squabble.

A beggar or a rich boy?

A Careless Blame

Mr. Fuss Pot

Hira, Mom & Baby Mariam

For Ever & Ever

The Questioning  Mirror

The Past & The Pious (Part1)

The Past & The Pious (Part2)

The Past & The Pious (Part3)

A favor returned

The Solution to Pollution

Chocolates only for me

A win-win situation

True Happiness

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