The little girl’s wish

Laila looked out of her tent’s window sadly, tears falling down her cheeks, her heart broken.

A war was going on in her homeland – Syria – which made everyone in the area flee to save their lives. They went to the camps made at the borders. Many made it to safety, but many others – mostly women, children and the elderly – could not.


Laila and her family had to flee but unfortunately, her father and older brother were stopped in the way and taken away. Only Laila, her mother, and her little brother could escape, leaving everything behind. Her house, friends, toys, everything.

Now, a week later in her tent, Laila was remembering her father and brother who were missing. It is a really hard thing for someone to witness such events. Especially, a six-year-old girl, who came from a rich family, but now, lived as if she was a nobody.
Back in Syria, Laila was very fond of toys. But there was one toy that Laila thought about night and day, and that was her beautiful doll that she left behind like everything else. It was a really pretty one, with curly, golden hair and tanned skin. She wore a magnificent pale pink dress, decorated with tiny pearls.

girl holding a doll

She cried and cried at the thought of her doll, and missed her terribly. A tear ran down her cheek as she made Dua’a to Allah asking for the old times to return.

But it was not to be. Laila’s miserable life continued like this for quite a while.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, there was a big charity center that was collecting money, clothes and all sorts of things for the people in Syria. The family of Ayesha, a five-year-old girl, was also giving things to the center. “Mama, why are we giving them our things??” asked Ayesha. Her mother responded sadly. “Oh dear, we are giving it to people who are not as lucky as us, they don’t have toys to play with or pretty dresses to wear.” Ayesha, who was a very smart girl, thought about what her mother had said and asked, “Mama, can I give one of my dollies? They will be happy to play with it.”

Her mother pulled Ayesha in a tight hug, smiling, “Of course you can, honey. It is kind to help people.” So, when things were sent to Syria in a big box, children living in the tent gathered around to see what they have got.C--fakepath-tug5fgc3rktgsiomnbrrrkb721496988.jpg-final

And….. What do you think Laila got??

That’s right! She got Ayesha’s little doll! Laila couldn’t believe it. This doll was even prettier than her previous one, with its gleaming, deep blue dress, decorated with blue flowers made of fabric and a black belt at the waist. On her neck was a tiny, pearl necklace and her hair was black and straight, pulled in a fancy style.

Laila couldn’t stop herself. She cried with happiness and thanked Allah for answering a part of her Dua’a.
When do you think the rest of her Dua will be accepted? When there will be peace in Syria again?

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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