The Past & The Pious (Part 2)

Laila’s eyes blinked open slowly. This time, she had appeared in the middle of a large field where many people were cheering. The noise was so loud, she sat up hurriedly. She looked around and spotted something that nearly took her breath away. Standing in the center of the field was a strong, middle-aged, holding... Continue Reading →

The Past & The Pious (Part 1)

Laila sat once more in her seat at the back of the hall, hunched up, waiting for the test paper to be given. It was an Islamic Studies paper; all about the prophets, and although she had studied really hard for it, she felt, as usual, as if she had forgotten everything. She put her... Continue Reading →

The Contest

Salma waited anxiously for the announcement. They were standing in the assembly hall, and the Semester exam results for Grade six were being called out. Usually, Fatima or Salma would compete for the first position. That was where their similarities ended, though. Salma was always anxious and stressed out over her studies, while Fatima was... Continue Reading →

The last trial

The last part of the series "Three days; Three trials" When morning came, Khalid was ready to begin searching for the next and last, clue. But try as he might, he couldn’t find it anywhere! Where could they have hidden it? Hmm. Both of the previous clues had been ‘hidden’ in not so hidden spots.... Continue Reading →

The 2nd trial

3rd part of the series "Three days; Three trials" The next morning Khalid woke up to voices in his room. No, not voices, they were whispers. He cracked his eyes open and saw three figures crouched beside his bed. At once, his heart rate sped up, who were these people? He almost let out a... Continue Reading →

The 1st trial

2nd part of the series "Three days; Three trials" Khalid woke up to the smell of….of something good. He couldn’t exactly place it. By the time he made it to the kitchen, his parents were already seated at the table, waiting for Sa’ad and Maria to join them. Ahh. So it had been his mother’s... Continue Reading →

Khalid’s 10th Birthday

1st part of the series "Three days; Three trials" The twentieth of June was a very important day. Not only was it the last day of school and the beginning of summer, it was also Khalid’s birthday. Perhaps it was not his birthday that was as important to him as was the fact that it... Continue Reading →


Never be ordinary. That's what they say. But how can we be extraordinary? With all this noise on the way. Free yourself of doubt And stand tall and proud. Remember that you are different To everyone else in the crowd. Your light is too bright to be dulled So let it shine through. The only... Continue Reading →

A hike with Salman

One sunny morning Salman woke up, very excited. Today he was going to a hike in the mountains! Salman’s father had planned for a family picnic today, because of Salman, their only son, was fond of hiking and had been insisting on going to the hills. After the breakfast, Salman helped his mother pack up... Continue Reading →

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