Your Contribution

How can you contribute?

We are seeking volunteers to help in this project. If you have one of the following skills, then you can be a part of our team by contributing your little time and effort for a huge cause.

  1. Can write short stories or poems for any of the two age groups.
  2. Proofread simple English content and can improve the feel and expression of the content.
  3. Can edit text and graphic elements in an editor like application environments
  4. Have sound knowledge of Quran and Hadith to suggest some complying content related to the storyline.
  5. Can create simple social media graphics in an online easy to use graphics application.
  6. Can administer the Facebook page of the project.

Feel free to write to us at for further queries.

How can you submit your stories?

If you have already written stories and wish to publish it on our website. Then follow these steps to make your submission.

  1. Type your story in Microsoft Word with your name clearly mentioned.
  2. Write Tags for your story at the end of the document. The words that best describe the storyline.
  3. Email your story document (.doc file) to

You can also submit your poems and artwork by sending them to our email address.

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