Stories for Muslim Youth

Indeed, the lessons learned at the early age mark the strongest impressions in the mind and play a key role in shaping the personality of an individual. There is a need of making stories from rich Islamic history and culture available online to feed the need of entertainment with the purpose for Muslim children and at the same time inculcating in them love of reading from a young age.

The project named “Nujoom al-Asar” aim at developing a free publishing media and an online repository of Modern and Historical stories complying with the spirit of Islamic Faith of Monotheism,  Morals, and Mannerism to ignite religious inspiration and passion in Muslim youth to bring them closer to Allah and a higher level of consciousness.

We aim to provide stories both online and printable format. For reading online, tablets and Ipads are the recommended devices for kids. Parents can read the stories at bedtime from their phones, tablets or the printed story document.

For stories, we have two major age group categories.

  1. 4-7 yrs (Simple words and short & easy to grasp topics)
  2. 7 yrs+  (Medium difficulty words and topics)

Please note that it is a non-profit project and we are a team of volunteers. We are open to invite all those willing to contribute and help us carry on this project or making amendments in the published content for correction or improvement.

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