The Grateful man

Once upon a time in the beautiful sky, there were two fluffy clouds that were heavy and wanted to shed the water in them.

So of course, as you know, they had to rain. “Where do you think would be a nice place to rain, Fluff? I think that we should water here, look how dry the ground is!” Asked the first cloud, whose name was Marshmallow, to the second, whose name was Fluff.clouds

Fluff shook his head. (Clouds have heads too, you know!) He said: “I think we shouldn’t because the lady who lives here is not kind. She has many poor children living near her house but she doesn’t even give them food! I don’t think she deserves any rain.”
Marshmallow nodded. They moved on in the sky quietly enjoying the views that came before them until they came to another house, with a dry area.

“Let’s try this one,” said Marshmallow, but Fluff shook his head again. “No,” he said. “A very rich man lives here, and although there is an orphanage right in front of him, he never once visited it. That is not kind. He doesn’t deserve our rain.”


And so, the two friends moved on. Soon after, a small cottage could be seen in the distance. It had a farm in front of it.

“Do you want to try this one? I’m tired of moving about. It was crowded today.” said Marshmallow. Fluff nodded happily. “Of course! The person living here really works hard. He grows his plants every day, works honestly and earns little, but is always grateful for wfarmer

hat he has. Also, I always see him helping poor people and feeding them. He really deserves some rain.”
And so Marshmallow crashed into Fluff as the rain began to fall quickly.


As soon as the farmer saw the drops of rain, he laughed joyfully, raised his head to the sky and thanked Allah.

So…. Children, what did you learn?

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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