In the Belly of a Whale – Messengers of Allah series

We all know that Adam (A.S) was the first human being. He was also the first prophet that Allah (S.W.T) sent to the earth. Adam (A.S) had many children. And they, in turn, had many children, who also had many children. Soon there were lots and lots of people that spread out to live in... Continue Reading →

The Poor unfortunate house

I am a poor unfortunate house. Why am I unfortunate? I’d let you decide that but you have to listen to my story first to see for yourself.   I was constructed only three years ago. A lot of hard work went into building me. Once I was all ready I looked really smart, with... Continue Reading →

A Favor Returned

Seeing the beetles crawl on the ground and the dirty dishes, made Sarah feel like throwing up once again. Sarah grew up in an orphanage, and at least got a protection after her parents died. But the problem was, it was a very dirty, small, and smelly orphanage which didn’t have a good education, and Sarah... Continue Reading →

Who made it?

Mom! Look what I’ve made!” said Ahmed excitedly. Mom smiled, “That’s a lovely drawing! You have made a ship sailing on the sea.” “Look at this, Mom! I can also make a paper boat.” “That is a lovely boat and you have made it all by yourself,” said Mom. “But Mom, you always tell me... Continue Reading →

Mr. Fuss Pot

The story I am about to tell you is about my older brother.  His name was actually Rashid, but he had a very fussy nature and because of his fussy ways, my mom began calling him Mr. Fuss Pot. Soon everyone in the neighborhood called him Mr. Fuss Pot too! My brother didn’t mind being... Continue Reading →

A Special Princess

Dear children, you must have heard stories about princes and princesses, living happily ever after in their castles, wearing grand clothes and fine jewelry, holding banquets of fine foods for their guests. All this sounds like a world quite different from ours! But today we will tell you a story of a very special princess.... Continue Reading →

Upside down

Maria never liked to be told that she had to go to bed. And tonight was no different. She finally dragged her feet up the stairs and got ready for bed. She offered her Isha prayers and remembered to say all her duas. As she lay in bed, she turned to her right with her... Continue Reading →

Haris’ Dad

Haris is in second grade. Yesterday, His teacher had asked the whole class to write a paragraph about their dad. The topic was, “My dad is special”. Today in the English class, the teacher told the children that Haris’s piece of writing was the best. As a reward, she gave him a very special pencil... Continue Reading →

Someone is Watching

“Laila, my dear, come here and help me.” Laila’s mother called out. “Yes mother, I’m coming,” said Laila. Laila’s mother sold milk for a living and Laila helped her with the work. Today was no different as she poured the milk into containers, ready to take to the market in the morning. Laila’s mother called... Continue Reading →

Squabble, Squabble.

Humaira and Amina are sisters. Since morning they were very excited because their mother was going to take them to the mall. Eid was just around the corner and their mother was going to take them to buy new clothes and shoes.  She started to smile at the girls’ excitement at going shopping. They were... Continue Reading →

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