Who made it?

Mom! Look what I’ve made!” said Ahmed excitedly.

Mom smiled, “That’s a lovely drawing! You have made a ship sailing on the sea.”

“Look at this, Mom! I can also make a paper boat.”

“That is a lovely boat and you have made it all by yourself,” said Mom.

“But Mom, you always tell me that Allah has made everything”

“Yes indeed!  Allah made everything,” replied Mom.

“I know that Allah made the moon,” said Ahmed.

“Yes Allah made the moon,” nodded Mom.

“And the sun?” asked Ahmed.

“Yes and the sun,” said Mom.

“And the mountains?” asked Ahmed.

“Yes and the mountains,” said Mom.

“And the rivers too?” asked Ahmed.

“Yes and the rivers too,” replied Mom.

“And the flowers and trees?” asked Ahmed.

“Yes and the flowers and trees,” said Mom.

“How about me?” asked Ahmed.

“Yes. Allah made you,” said Mom.

“Did Allah make you too, Mom?” asked Ahmed.

“Yes Ahmed, He made me too.”

Ahmed smiled and held up the paper boat that he had made and asked, “And who made this boat?”

“You did,” replied Mom.

“Then how did Allah make everything, if I made this boat?” asked Ahmed.

“Well, you made it but with Allah’s help,” said Mom.

“How?” asked Ahmed.

“Tell me, Ahmed, where did you get the paper from?” asked Mom.

“I got it from the shop,” said Ahmed.

“Where did the shop get it from?” asked Mom.

“The shop got it from the paper factory,” said Ahmed.

“How did the factory make the paper?” asked Mom.

“From wood,” said Ahmed.

“And where did the wood come from?” asked Mom.

“From the trees that Allah made!” replied Ahmed.

“That’s right!” said Mom.

“Now I understand,” said Ahmed. “First Allah made the trees. Then the wood was made into paper at the paper factory. Then the factory people sent the paper to the shop. I bought the paper from the shop. Then I made this paper boat!”

“And to make the boat, who gave you hands?” asked Mom.

“Allah did,” said Ahmed.

“And who gave you a brain that helped you know how to make the boat?” asked Mom.

“Allah did,” said Ahmed.

“And who gave you the strength to make it?” asked Mom.

“Allah did,” said Ahmed.

“So now tell me. Where did this boat come from?” asked Mom.

“I made it with the help of Allah from the things that Allah made.”

Ahmed’s eyes were shining. He finally understood!

Written by: Naima Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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