A Favor Returned

Seeing the beetles crawl on the ground and the dirty dishes, made Sarah feel like throwing up once again.
Sarah grew up in an orphanage, and at least got a protection after her parents died. But the problem was, it was a very dirty, small, and smelly orphanage which didn’t have a good education, and Sarah would feel sad and uncomfortable there, although she had many children to play with.

So, life went on, but Sarah was not happy there.
One day, something happened that changed everything. A kind looking man came to the orphanage, distributed sweets among the orphans, told them a story and joked with them for some time. Everyone enjoyed their time with him very much.

That evening, the in charge of the orphanage took Sarah aside and said, “Did you like that man, Sarah?” Sarah was surprised “Well, yes, I did, but why are you asking me?” The owner smiled “Because the man who came here is alone, and wanted to take you to his house where you could be a daughter to him.” “But why me?” Asked Sarah in amazement “ He liked the way you gave a part of your sweet to someone who didn’t have, Instead of eating it all yourself. ” The in charge answered warmly.


The news excited Sarah, and she started dreaming about a clean house and good education. It took her no time to agree to the idea. She went with the loving man to his beautiful house and had a room for herself, delicious food, and, most importantly, love.

Although she missed her old friends, Sara became even happier, because she was going to school as well. Then, something shocking happened. A few days after finishing university, her beloved father became very sick and had to go to a hospital where he stayed for a few daSaveys, but he didn’t get any better.

One sad morning, he passed away, leaving Sarah alone once again. She was very upset about his death; she was left with his big house, lots of money, but went back to feeling lonely.
She had many ideas of how to spend the money, but one of the ideas made her smile.

She decided to build large, tidy orphanages with plenty of food and nurses. She arranged lots of games they would play daily and made sure that the orphanages had spacious and airy rooms. She also made sure that all orphans received a good education.


She did all this because she wanted all the other children to be happy and not sad like she had been. Sarah also wanted to give something in return to her kind father, who was now gone. He had helped her become happy, so she wanted to help other orphans become happy, too. Her father’s choice was proven right.

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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