The Poor unfortunate house

I am a poor unfortunate house. Why am I unfortunate? I’d let you decide that but you have to listen to my story first to see for yourself.  

I was constructed only three years ago. A lot of hard work went into building me. Once I was all ready I looked really smart, with my new painted walls, shiny floors and sparkling glass in the window panes. I was so happy. But then the man who had worked so hard to build me sold me to some other person.

Soon a new family came to live in me. They really didn’t care about me. In fact, they really did not care about anything. They only ate, slept and fought all the time. Now I stay dirty all day long. Nobody sweeps me or dusts me. You can see big cobwebs hanging from my ceilings. Because the people don’t care about me, or the things inside me, wherever you look there are broken tables and chairs or chipped plates and dishes. The door knobs don’t work and many of the window panes are broken or cracked. The curtains that hang on the windows are dirty and torn. And the paint on the walls! I cannot tell you how bad it is. The children have put their dirty handprints all over them. Now they have even started scribbling drawings wherever their hands can reach.

The floor is the dirtiest of all. Nobody bothers to take off their shoes before entering me and now you cannot even tell what color it used to be. If this was not enough, the family decided to keep a cat. There are fur balls everywhere, and smelly cat food and litter that never gets thrown out. The garbage bin is always full but no one bothers to empty it out. This is why there is always a bad smell coming from me.

In the day there are flies everywhere and at night there are lots of mosquitoes. They are very happy living in me. When people walk around in me, they cough and spit and wipe their dirty hands everywhere. Wherever you look, you can see things strewn around. Nothing is in its place. That is why nobody can find what they are looking for. Every person is angry and blames everyone else for the way things are. Everyone fights all the time. No one reads the Quran or says their prayers. I am also Allah’s creation and I praise Allah. But I have to do so in this dirty filthy state. Tell me; don’t you think I am unfortunate?

Written by: Naima Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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