Hira, Mom & Baby Mariam

Hira and her brother Farid were very happy. They now had a baby sister. She was such a lovely baby. She had such tiny feet and hands and was not really much bigger than the doll Hira played with. But most of the time baby Mariam would be crying or cooing or making strange noises.... Continue Reading →

The Questioning Mirror

Standing in front of the mirror with a comb in hand was usually the way Shahid spent his mornings. As he stood in front of the mirror today, he was suddenly startled by a voice that seemed to be coming from nowhere. “Who are you?” the voice bellowed. Shahid nearly jumped out of his skin... Continue Reading →

Be Thankful

The moon was up in the sky, with his eyes closed. Hmmm, do you know why? Star: Why are you so quiet? You look very sad! Moon: Yes I am unhappy, See how lonely I am! Star: Make the shining sun your friend He is also lonely like you! Moon: He comes out in the... Continue Reading →

Living Without Them

There was once a little boy called Hassan, who lived in a small cottage. Behind Hassan’s house was a beautiful garden which his father owned. Whenever Hassan felt like it, he would go there and relax, sometimes talking to the trees and flowers and watering them, because he loved nature. He thought the trees over... Continue Reading →

A Princess never forgotten

Once upon a time, there lived a king with two daughters and one son. His youngest daughter, Princess Mariah, was the king’s darling because of her sweet nature. The king would bring a lot of gifts for his children and especially for Princess Mariah but he would note that these gifts never really made her... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Bird

Just like any other day, Ibrahim came home from school in tears. He laid back on his bed, exhausted, the insults and scornful remarks made by his classmates booming louder in his head by the minute. Even after years of getting bullied at school, he wasn’t used to it. The fact that he was not... Continue Reading →

The little girl’s wish

Laila looked out of her tent’s window sadly, tears falling down her cheeks, her heart broken. A war was going on in her homeland – Syria – which made everyone in the area flee to save their lives. They went to the camps made at the borders. Many made it to safety, but many others... Continue Reading →

The greedy boy

“Mommy, I want the car and I want it NOW!” Yusuf demanded, stomping his feet. He was in a toy shop with his mother, who was buying a gift for his cousin, but Yusuf didn’t like that. He always wanted something for himself. Whenever they went to the supermarket, he would yell and shout for... Continue Reading →

The solution to pollution

All the ocean animals sat on the ocean floor, watching yet another bottle drop through the water’s surface. Several of the fish coughed, as the bottle’s germs spread around. All the ocean animals, like the fish, sharks, octopus, jellyfish, and others, came down to the ocean floor every night to rest after their tiring day,... Continue Reading →

A beautiful heart

A little, dainty butterfly by the name “Flora” was sitting by herself on a flower, looking very upset. A group of butterflies came by, pointing at her and laughing. A few moments later, a new butterfly came in sight. She flew around the little Flora and sat down beside her. Flora looked up with interest.... Continue Reading →

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