Living Without Them

There was once a little boy called Hassan, who lived in a small cottage. Behind Hassan’s house was a beautiful garden which his father owned.

mldgsvkdWhenever Hassan felt like it, he would go there and relax, sometimes talking to the trees and flowers and watering them, because he loved nature. He thought the trees over there were his best friends.

One day, his mother told him something shocking. “Your father informed me that he is thinking of selling the garden to someone because we cannot afford its payment.” Hassan was very upset. He ran to his father and asked him “Why will you sell it, Daddy? I like the garden, trees, and everything there! Please don’t give it away!”

His father sighed and said “I cannot help it, Hassan. We need the money.” Hassan asked sadly “But what will he do with it?” His father replied: “He wants to make a factory. You can go there for the last time, to say goodbye to the plants and trees.” Hassan asked, surprised and upset “Tomorrow?” His father nodded. “Yes, he will come tomorrow to sign the papers.” Hassan was not able to sleep properly that night.

Next day, he went there and told the trees that he will not be visiting them anymore. Instead, a mgardenan will come, and chop them off to make his factory. At hearing this, the mango tree said. “But he can’t chop me, I give so many yummy mangos!” The tomato tree shouted, “And he can’t chop me, either. I give the people so many juicy tomatoes!

The flowers protested “But we smell so good! Please do something to save us.” Hassan sighed “Let’s see what I can do for you.”

And so, he went home and wrote a letter to the man who was buying the garden. In the letter, he wrote all his feelings and told him that if you cut down all the trees that will be bad for the environment and nature, and that we should care for trees and plants.


The next day, when his father was going to give the buyer some papers to sign, he gave him the letter that Hassan had sent him. After signing the papers, the man went to the garden and saw that, on all the trees, someone had stuck on a paper which said each tree’s specialties and why it shouldn’t be chopped off. It was actually Hassan who had done that.


The man stared in amazement and took out the letter Hasan had written, and read it. He was very ashamed when he realized that a child knew the importance of the trees and flowers he had been about to cut off.
After that, he decided not to chop them, but care for them, and make the garden even more beautiful. When Hassan heard that, he was overjoyed, especially when he found out he could visit the garden whenever he wanted.

Written by: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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