Be Thankful

The moon was up in the sky, with his eyes closed. Hmmm, do you know why? Star: Why are you so quiet? You look very sad! Moon: Yes I am unhappy, See how lonely I am! Star: Make the shining sun your friend He is also lonely like you! Moon: He comes out in the... Continue Reading →

The greedy boy

“Mommy, I want the car and I want it NOW!” Yusuf demanded, stomping his feet. He was in a toy shop with his mother, who was buying a gift for his cousin, but Yusuf didn’t like that. He always wanted something for himself. Whenever they went to the supermarket, he would yell and shout for... Continue Reading →

The Grateful man

Once upon a time in the beautiful sky, there were two fluffy clouds that were heavy and wanted to shed the water in them. So of course, as you know, they had to rain. “Where do you think would be a nice place to rain, Fluff? I think that we should water here, look how... Continue Reading →

Vegetables Again!

Ali was feeling very hungry on the way back from school. He was thinking about eating two chapatis instead of one, today. Food was the only thing on his mind till he reached home. After changing and refreshing himself he went straight to the dining table. “Oh no! We have vegetables for lunch again?” “It’s... Continue Reading →

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