A beggar or a rich boy?

Knock! Knock! Knock! The door opens. Mr. Hamid looks out to see who is knocking. A little boy in ragged and dirty clothes stands with his hand outstretched. Boy: Sir, please give me some money. Mr. Hamid: Who are you? Boy: I am a beggar. Mr. Hamid: No, no. I want to know what your... Continue Reading →

The Pearl Necklace

The pearl Necklace is a true story about a man who lived in Makka many years ago. His name was Abu Bakr Muhammad. He was a good man who would spend most of his time praying, remembering Allah and seeking knowledge. Let’s listen to his story. A long time ago, I used to live in... Continue Reading →

Hira, Mom & Baby Mariam

Hira and her brother Farid were very happy. They now had a baby sister. She was such a lovely baby. She had such tiny feet and hands and was not really much bigger than the doll Hira played with. But most of the time baby Mariam would be crying or cooing or making strange noises.... Continue Reading →

Forever & Ever

Zahid’s father had passed away just a few years ago. Just last week his mother passed away as well. Now he was left all alone in the world except for his uncle Osman who was a sailor. He would spend most of his life at sea never staying in one place for more than a... Continue Reading →

Black Heart

One day when Saad came home from school, he seemed upset and unusually quiet. His Dad observed his silence and after they had eaten their lunch, he asked Saad… “What’s wrong Saad? You seem upset…You are never this quiet when you come back from school.” “Yes, Dad. I am really upset today. There’s a new... Continue Reading →

The Questioning Mirror

Standing in front of the mirror with a comb in hand was usually the way Shahid spent his mornings. As he stood in front of the mirror today, he was suddenly startled by a voice that seemed to be coming from nowhere. “Who are you?” the voice bellowed. Shahid nearly jumped out of his skin... Continue Reading →

The Contest

Salma waited anxiously for the announcement. They were standing in the assembly hall, and the Semester exam results for Grade six were being called out. Usually, Fatima or Salma would compete for the first position. That was where their similarities ended, though. Salma was always anxious and stressed out over her studies, while Fatima was... Continue Reading →

The last trial

The last part of the series "Three days; Three trials" When morning came, Khalid was ready to begin searching for the next and last, clue. But try as he might, he couldn’t find it anywhere! Where could they have hidden it? Hmm. Both of the previous clues had been ‘hidden’ in not so hidden spots.... Continue Reading →

The 2nd trial

3rd part of the series "Three days; Three trials" The next morning Khalid woke up to voices in his room. No, not voices, they were whispers. He cracked his eyes open and saw three figures crouched beside his bed. At once, his heart rate sped up, who were these people? He almost let out a... Continue Reading →

The 1st trial

2nd part of the series "Three days; Three trials" Khalid woke up to the smell of….of something good. He couldn’t exactly place it. By the time he made it to the kitchen, his parents were already seated at the table, waiting for Sa’ad and Maria to join them. Ahh. So it had been his mother’s... Continue Reading →

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