The Pearl Necklace

The pearl Necklace is a true story about a man who lived in Makka many years ago. His name was Abu Bakr Muhammad. He was a good man who would spend most of his time praying, remembering Allah and seeking knowledge.

Let’s listen to his story.

A long time ago, I used to live in the city of Makka. One day, I was very hungry, but I had been unable to find anything to eat. In this state I made my way towards the Masjid ul Haram, hoping to find someone who would be willing to share his food with me. As I walked I suddenly spotted a small silk bag on the ground. When I picked it up, it felt as if there was something in it! Was it some treasure? I did not want to open it in front of others, so I hurriedly turned back and headed towards my house. With trembling fingers, I excitedly opened the strings of the silk bag and sure enough, I found the most beautiful pearl necklace that I had ever seen in my life!

I admired its beauty as the pearls glistened in the light of the sun that shone through the window. I put the necklace back in its bag and kept it safely away and stepped out once more in search of food. But as I did so, I could hear an old man calling out, “Oh, people! I have lost my silk bag. There was a beautiful necklace in it. Whoever finds it for me, I will give him 500 dinars as a reward.” As I heard this, I thought to myself, “I am so hungry and needy as well, but the necklace is not mine to keep. I must return it at all cost.” A Hadith of the Prophet SAW suddenly flashed in my mind, that whoever gives up something for Allah, Allah SWT would bless that person with something far better. I immediately went right back inside my house and brought out the silk bag. The old man described the bag and necklace to me. I was convinced from the description that it was his and so I handed the bag to him.

The old man was very happy to see it and he immediately reached into his pocket to give me the promised reward of 500 dinars. I refused to take the money from him and told him that I was only doing my duty in returning the silk bag to its rightful owner so I could not accept the reward. The old man

continued to insist, “No, no. You must take the money.” But when I did not take it, he raised his hands and prayed for me and went on his way.

I had no means by which to make a living, so I decided to embark on a journey and boarded a ship that was to set sail to distant lands. On the way, we were hit by a storm that was so violent that the ship was wrecked into scattered pieces of wood and all the passengers on board the ship drowned along with their belongings. I struggled to stay afloat when all of a sudden a plank of wood from the wrecked ship bobbed against my hand and I grabbed it eagerly. I pulled myself up on to it with all the energy that was left in me.  I was quite unaware in which direction I was headed, or when I would reach land; all I knew was that I was afloat. I continued to drift in the open sea until, with the grace of Allah, the plank of wood drifted onto the shores of an island.

I thanked Allah for having saved my life and was grateful to once again be on firm ground. Even though I was exhausted, I walked inland in the hope of finding shelter. After a while, to my surprise and delight, I saw a masjid in the distance and was happy to be on Muslim soil. I entered the masjid and after saying my prayers I began to recite the Quran. The people in the masjid were pleased to hear that I could recite so well. They crowded around me, asking me if I could teach them to read. They told me that there were not many teachers on the island and so from that day on I began to teach them how to read and recite the Quran.

One day as I was teaching in the masjid, I noticed parchment paper with the verses of the Quran written on them. I took them and began to write the continuing verses. My students were surprised to see that I could write as well as I could read and recite the Quran. They asked if I could teach them how to write and now I began teaching them to read and write the verses of the Quran as well. The people of the island took good care of me; they showered me with gifts and money and I soon became an important and respected member of their community.

I was happy living on the island amongst the people who had been so kind to me. They now wanted me to find myself a wife and start my own family. The people told me of an orphaned girl who lived on the island. She was very beautiful and virtuous. Her father had left her a lot of wealth, and they suggested that I should marry her. I refused but they insisted that it would be a good match and so, finally, I agreed. When I met my bride, I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I saw! Around her neck was the same beautiful necklace that I had found in Makka on the ground in a silk bag.  When people noticed that instead of looking at my bride I was looking at the necklace they said, “You have broken the heart of an orphaned girl. Instead of looking at her you are looking at the necklace!”

I shook my head and began to tell my tale of how it was that I had found the necklace and returned it to the old man. Now here I was standing looking at the same necklace around the neck of his daughter who was now my bride. The people raised their hands in astonishment and there was a loud chorus of “Allah u Akbar! Allah is the Greatest!” The people then told me that the father of my bride used to say “In this world, I have only found one Muslim who is indeed a true Muslim and he is the one who found this necklace and returned it to me.” He would always pray to Allah, “Oh Allah, let me meet this man once again so that I can give him my daughter’s hand in marriage.” He died but Allah had accepted his prayer, and I had come to the island and married his daughter!

Abu Bakr Muhammad and his wife lived happily together. Allah blessed Abu Bakr with an abundance of wealth and soon he became a rich merchant who would spend his wealth on helping people and in the way of Allah. This is the reward that Allah gives to those who are honest. Remember that He is the One Who gives us all that we have and all that we need.

Written by: Naima Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.


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