Forever & Ever

Zahid’s father had passed away just a few years ago. Just last week his mother passed away as well. Now he was left all alone in the world except for his uncle Osman who was a sailor. He would spend most of his life at sea never staying in one place for more than a few weeks.

The sea was no place for a young boy, and so, just before Uncle Osman was to sail off again, he took Zahid to live at an orphanage. Here those children lived who did not have parents or a place to stay. Zahid had been so worried about how he would live in a new place, but what could he do?

The orphanage was a large, clean building and as they entered the grounds, Zahid could see children his age playing in the playground. Some were playing catch, laughing and running happily, and some children were sitting on the benches, reading. Looking at them, Zahid felt better. The children looked happy and he prayed that he would be happy here too. As he sat on the bench at the entrance of the orphanage building, while his uncle checked his admission form, Zahid thought of his parents.

He remembered how he used to tell his mother to buy him toys, take him to the ice cream shop to buy his favorite ice cream, and how his mother would read as many story books out loud to him as he wanted. In fact, it seemed like she would read to him for hours. His mother was the one who would wake him up in the morning when it was time to get ready for school. Zahid had never realized that it was his mother who helped him in so many ways throughout the day and till night when she would tuck him into bed and give him a good night kiss.

Then Zahid remembered his father, whose finger he would hold tightly before they would cross the street. Sometimes his father would come home late from work, and Zahid would get tired of waiting patiently for him. But when Zahid would hear the door bell he would run to greet his father, who would hug him, and make him laugh so much that he forgot that his father had been late.  Sometimes, when his father would come home early from work, he would take Zahid to the park. His father would make him sit on every ride that he wanted. On holidays, Zahid would want to go to the seaside and his father would always take him. On the way home, he would be so tired that he would fall asleep in the back seat of the car. His dad would pick him up and carry him all the way upstairs. Even if he woke up, Zahid would pretend to sleep because it was so wonderful and cozy in his father’s arms.

Thinking of his parents made him want to cry, and tears started to roll down his cheeks. Meanwhile, Uncle Osman came out of the building and sat beside him. He gave him a big hug and asked him why he was crying. “You know, Uncle Osman, when Mom and Dad were alive I did not know how much they loved me, and they would take such good care of me. Now that they are not here anymore, I really want to tell them how much I loved them.”

“That’s no problem, Zahid. You can still tell your parents that you love them. First of all, you need to be a good boy. Whenever you do something good, Allah not only rewards you for it but also your parents. You should also pray for them and make dua for them. There is a very special dua that you can say, and I can teach it to you. Why don’t you repeat after me? “Rabbir Ham Huma kama Rabbayani Sagheera“. Oh Allah please take care of my mom and dad the way they took care of me when I was young.”

Zahid carefully listened to Uncle Osman and repeated the dua that his uncle was teaching him. After he had repeated it a few times Zahid asked, “If I ask Allah to tell my parents that I love them very much, will Allah tell them?”“Of course. You should also pray that Allah lets us all meet in Jannah, InshaAllah.”

“Yes! We will be able to meet each other there once more!” Said Zahid, suddenly getting excited. “Forever and ever, InshaAllah!” Said his uncle as he ruffled Zahid’s hair and gave him a big bear hug.  

Written by: Naima Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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