The Dangerous Wind – Messengers of Allah series

Dear children, Do you know that the Prophet Nuh (A.S) was also called “The Second Adam?” This is because after the Flood drowned everything, only people who believed in him survived. From these people came others and they settled in different places of the world. Some Arabs from these generations settled in a place called... Continue Reading →


The Strange Camel – Messengers of Allah series

Click here to get the printable document.After the people of Aad, Allah (S.W.T) chose the tribe of Thamud, who were the children of Aad. Allah (S.W.T) showered them with lots and lots of blessings: lush green gardens and fresh, sweet springs of water in valleys surrounded by mountains. They were also experts at making houses,... Continue Reading →

The last Messenger

Allah sent many prophets to the world. They were sent to tell the people that there is only one Allah. The prophets told the people to do good deeds and advised them to avoid doing bad deeds. Allah sent Prophet Ismail (as), the son of Prophet Ibrahim (as) to the people of Arabia. He reminded... Continue Reading →

Mr. Fuss Pot

The story I am about to tell you is about my older brother.  His name was actually Rashid, but he had a very fussy nature and because of his fussy ways, my mom began calling him Mr. Fuss Pot. Soon everyone in the neighborhood called him Mr. Fuss Pot too! My brother didn’t mind being... Continue Reading →

A Special Princess

Dear children, you must have heard stories about princes and princesses, living happily ever after in their castles, wearing grand clothes and fine jewelry, holding banquets of fine foods for their guests. All this sounds like a world quite different from ours! But today we will tell you a story of a very special princess.... Continue Reading →

Upside down

Maria never liked to be told that she had to go to bed. And tonight was no different. She finally dragged her feet up the stairs and got ready for bed. She offered her Isha prayers and remembered to say all her duas. As she lay in bed, she turned to her right with her... Continue Reading →

Squabble, Squabble.

Humaira and Amina are sisters. Since morning they were very excited because their mother was going to take them to the mall. Eid was just around the corner and their mother was going to take them to buy new clothes and shoes.  She started to smile at the girls’ excitement at going shopping. They were... Continue Reading →

A Careless Blame

When Sarah came in after playing outdoors one evening, her mother asked her to settle down to do her homework. Now that she was in third grade, Miss Aliya, her teacher, had wanted the class to practice writing a short story in cursive. But what could she write with? Once again her pencil was missing!... Continue Reading →

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