Companions of the Prophet – Zubayr bin Awam (R.A)

How wonderful it must be to live life knowing that you’re going to Heaven, right? Well, amazingly, such people do exist and we’re going to look into the life of one such person.

Zubayr bin Awam was extremely young when he first accepted Islam: merely a teenager. He was the Prophet’s cousin, as his mother was Mohammad S.A.W’s aunt, and he was the nephew of Khadijah R.A. When he first accepted Islam, he was tortured by his uncle, who punished him and beat him for believing in the Prophet S.A.W’s message. However, his response was always, “I will never return to Kufr, no matter what happens.” [1]

The Prophet S.A.W and his Sahaba used to meet up at a place called Dar Al Arqam, and Zubayr, being one of the first few people to accept Islam, was fortunate enough to go there with the rest of the senior companions of the Prophet. One day, there was a false rumor that someone had killed the Prophet S.A.W. Upon hearing it, all the Sahaba reacted with rage and grief, but only Zubayr R.A. took out his father’s sword and set out to kill anyone who had a part in this act. Walking on the street with a sword in his hands, ready to fight, he came across the Prophet S.A.W, who saw him and asked what he was doing. When the Prophet found out, he was filled with delight that Zubayr did from such a young age what no man before him had done in the history of Islam: He set out to fight for Islam’s cause and in the name of Allah.

Zubayr R.A. migrated twice, first to Abyssinia then to Madina. Eventually, he was married to Asmaa’, Abu Bakr R.A.’s daughter. Their child was the first baby to be born among the Muslims since they migrated. This caused a wave of pleasure to run through them, and cries of ‘Allah u Akbar!’ could be heard across the valleys of Madina. The reason for this happiness was that, for the longest time, there had been no childbirth among the Muslims and the Jews in Madina claimed that they had done black magic to make sure no babies were born among the Muslims.


Zubayr R.A. took part in every single battle. In the Battle of Badr, he was there with the Prophet S.A.W, fighting side by side. In fact, he showed great courage because when the first disbeliever from the enemy’s troops stepped out, he was a man that was known for his strength and bravery among the people of Quraysh. He rode out on a camel and called for someone from the Muslim army to start the fight by battling it out with him. Most of the Sahaba were a little hesitant about it because they knew the man’s reputation, but Zubayr R.A. stepped out immediately and defeated him. A winning cry of Allahu Akbar! rang around the battlefield.

He took a major part in the Battle of Uhud, where he volunteered to spy on the caravan of the enemy, although it was risky and dangerous. At the Battle of the Trench, the Prophet S.A.W said to Zubair R.A., “My mother and father be sacrificed for you.” [2] During the conquest of Makkah, he was holding the Muslims’ flag high in the air. He had participated in all the battles and was there to help the Prophet throughout all the struggles to spread Islam. Because of his bravery in battle, his body had many injuries and wounds and several of them were quite deep. After the Prophet S.A.W passed away, he even took part in the battles in Syria and Egypt, where he proceeded to show courage and strength.


The Prophet S.A.W praised Zubayr R.A. by saying, “Verily, every prophet has a disciple and my disciple is Al-Zubayr ibn al-‘Awwam.” [3]

Zubayr R.A. was a man of many incredible qualities. He was one of the ten to have been blessed with the good news of Jannah in his lifetime, he was quite wealthy for most of his life, and spent a great deal of his wealth on the poor and needy. It is said that he had a great many slaves, and when they brought back money for him, he would immediately spend all of it on charity and would enter the house like he received nothing at all. In addition to that, three of the houses that he rented he gave in the way of Allah. In addition to that, whenever someone would want to keep their money or possessions for safekeeping, they would keep it with Zubayr R.A.

It is said that he only narrated 38 ahadith from the Prophet S.A.W, as he was too afraid to quote something incorrectly.


His final battle was the Battle of Jamal, where him and Ayesha R.A. set out to fight Ali R.A. and his troops. However, Zubayr R.A. changed his mind and decided to head to Basra, away from the battle.

However, on his way there, he was followed by a man called Omar Bin Jarmooz, who deceived him into thinking that he was his friend, and killed him while he was offering Salah. Zubayr R.A. passed away in 36 Hijri, during prayer.

May Allah have mercy upon his soul.


Author: Maryam Sohaib

[1] Roshni Kay Minar page 130

[2] Roshni Kay Minar page 134


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