A lifetime of restraint

and it’s only just beginning.

I see those around me

Breaking loose

Free of inhibitions

And chains.



But mine is a lifetime of restraint

Of restriction, of stopping, of choosing not to

Bound by shackles,

Holding me in place,

Choking down desire, temptation, madness



But am I bound?
 And are they free?

What is freedom but anarchy?

And what is control but power?

Over myself, my wishes, my actions,


My choice.


I chose restraint

In the pursuit of eternal happiness,

I chose to forego abandon,

I gave up impulse and desire,

I chose rationality



Is my choice the right one?

Of course it is,

Because what is the end of madness

But hell?

And what is the reward of restraint

But paradise?


Poet: Rida Sohaib

Image source: heart in shackles

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