The Past & The Pious (Part 2)

Laila’s eyes blinked open slowly.

This time, she had appeared in the middle of a large field where many people were cheering. The noise was so loud, she sat up hurriedly.

She looked around and spotted something that nearly took her breath away. Standing in the center of the field was a strong, middle-aged, holding a type of wooden stick in his hands. Around him, there were many other men also holding hard ropes and wooden sticks, and they looked like they were challenging him. Last of all, in the very front, sat a beautiful, worried-looking woman, whose clothes looked familiar, next to a man in similarly designed clothes, looking powerful and full of victory.

Laila gasped audibly. She was in Egypt! There was no doubt about it, she had read about them, their culture and their clothes.

So the man on the throne is undoubtedly…The Pharaoh, with his wife.

But who’s the man in the middle?

The man was asked a question by the ones around him and when he replied, they threw their sticks on the ground forcing a gasp from the audience.

Laila frowned and drew closer, trying to see what happened and hear what was being said.

The sticks were no longer there – they had changed into four slithering snakes, sliding across the floor! However, the middle-aged man was not to be left behind; he threw his stick as well and it transformed into the biggest cobra Laila had ever seen, hissing and attacking the other snakes before eating them.

In the stunned silence that followed, only a few murmurs could be heard. Then, suddenly, people began realizing what had just happened, screaming and shouting. Laila, too, could not hold back a yell as she looked at the sight in front of her.

Laila could hardly contain herself. So that was the Prophet Musa! There was no story so memorable to her than this one, and now she had experienced it for herself! She looked to see the reaction of the other sorcerers, from which one of them cried out loud and fell to the floor in prostration, and the others followed suit.

“We believe!” one of them cried. “We believe in Musa and Harun’s lord!” The other three exclaimed passionately in agreement.

There was a silence before the Pharaoh rose in fury and shouted across an order to his soldiers. Then he marched up to the men, who were now standing and said cruelly, “You can’t believe him! I haven’t allowed you to! I understand now; he is your teacher isn’t he? He’s the one who taught you magic, that’s it! I will kill you all so brutally that it will be a lesson for everyone else!”

The sorcerers spoke with total calmness, “It does not matter now, O Pharaoh, do whatever you like to us but we will never surrender. We are now believers.”

Laila trembled with emotion and closed her eyes; she was expecting the Pharaoh to attack the sorcerers any second. She felt the dizzy feeling coming again, and then everything switched to black.

By: Maryam Sohaib

Click here to get the printable document.

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