So What?

“Yasir!” The mother called out.

“Yes, mother?” Yasir responded, with a questioning look towards his mother. “Did you want something from me?” He asked.

“No, but be a bit quieter; you are making much too much noise, and you need to calm down. Your little brother is napping, and he is sick as well, so he needs rest.”

Yasir shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly “ Well! if he wakes up, he wakes up. He’s been asleep for a long time as it is.” His mother shook her head. “That’s bad, Yasir. You never care about other people’s feelings, do you?”


“Come on, Yasir, your grandma wants to congratulate you on getting good marks on your test, answer the phone call.”

Yasir’s mother tried to persuade him into talking to his grandmother, but he shrugged. “I’m playing now, she can call later.”

“Yasir!” His mother was shocked. “Don’t be so harsh! Your grandmother has phoned especially to congratulate you!”

“Well, I can call her later,” he replied, with a bored expression. His mother shook her head in disappointment and left the room quietly.

“Yasir! Yasir, could you please lower the volume of your noise? I’m trying to study,” Hassan said to his little brother, who’s friends had come over, and they were making a lot of noise.

Yasir looked up irritated. “Well, we’re playing a game, and we came here first, so really, who cares if you can’t concentrate? You can easily go into another room and study there. Don’t sweat it.” His brother tried explaining to him, but he ignored Hassan and continued with his racket, not caring a bit if his brother was getting disturbed by doing so.

“Mother! Mother, look, Yasir’s broken my doll! He trod on it with his bicycle!” Yasir’s little sister came running into her mother’s room, crying and holding up a broken plastic doll that she loved.

Mother pursed her lips. “Yasir!” She called to him, and he came in. “Why did you tread on her doll? If you saw it in your way you should have asked her to remove it, instead of destroying it like that! That’s a very bad habit you have that you need to improve,” she finished angrily. Yasir was not moved by her anger. “Oh, well, it was coming in my way, and anyway, it was much too old, so it’s good that I got rid of it.

And he left.

His mother stared after her son, helplessly.

Yasir came running into the room.”Mother, we just won the… wait, what are you guys doing?” He asked, his excitement slowly fading away.

His mother replied, “Why? it’s pretty obvious, we’re having that lovely chocolate cake your uncle sent us.” Yasir looked hurt. “But…Why didn’t you wait for me to come? I would have liked a piece too, and now it’s nearly done.”

His sister shrugged. “Well, we got the cake while you were gone, and so we ate it. It doesn’t really matter. Does it?” And Yasir was left there, speechless.


“And they give them (the Muhajireen) preference over themselves even though they were in need of that. And whosoever is saved from his own covetousness (enviousness to possess things), such are they who will be successful.”(59:9)

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