The Rain Came Tumbling Down

“It’s raining!” Ali rushed to the window, opened it, and stuck his head out, laughing in delight. He was very pleased, a wide grin stretching across his face. The raindrops were trickling down the window, and he stretched out his arm, feeling the cold breeze and the tiny droplets of cold water on his hand.... Continue Reading →

I Trust Him

It was seven o’clock at night. I was in my room, feverishly revising and going over all that I’d studied over the past few days. I turned a page and started repeating everything that was written on it. Tomorrow is the Science Exam, and that’s not a subject I’m really good at, which was exactly... Continue Reading →

A hike with Salman

One sunny morning Salman woke up, very excited. Today he was going to a hike in the mountains! Salman’s father had planned for a family picnic today, because of Salman, their only son, was fond of hiking and had been insisting on going to the hills. After the breakfast, Salman helped his mother pack up... Continue Reading →

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